Community Roll-Out Event – Grandbay May 16, 2016

As part of Crime Stoppers Dominica’s (CSD) public awareness and community outreach programme, CSD hosted a roll-out event in Grand Bay to coincide with Fete Isidore on Monday, May 16, 2016 following church service.   The anti-crime campaign sought to remind persons about the effects of crime on society on how each person can contribute in helping to maintain a safer community and by extension, Dominica.

Lead by the St. Alphonsus Scout Troup and students of the Grand Bay Primary School, the event comprised a village walk-through. Other partners including Lifeline Ministries, the National Drug Abuse Prevention Unit and the Coalition for the protection of Children and Youth joined forces in this effort. During the walk-through, promotional material about CSD and how it works was circulated among the public.

A short ceremony followed which heard welcome remarks from Mr. Edward Registe, Chairman, Grandbay Village Council. Ms. Michele Henderson, Board Member, CSD urged the public to speak up against societal ills by reporting crime through a confidential crime reporting service that CSD provides which gives everyone the opportunity to report about crime by calling 1800 8477 or submitting a tip online at Ms. Tina Alexander of Lifeline Ministries, who is an advocate for child protection, also addressed the public calling on all to condemn all forms of child abuse. Ms. Diana Pascal of CSD reminded all that Crime Stoppers Dominica is a community-based, non-governmental organization and was NOT the police; therefore, CSD:

  • Does not investigate matters reported nor provide legal advice
  • Cannot provide feedback about individual investigations
  • Does not dispatch police patrols to crime scenes

The students from the Grandbay Primary School did a short performance depicting how CSD assisted in solving a crime in a community.

Crime Stoppers Dominica recognized the contribution made by its sponsors to the event:

  • Astaphan & Co. Ltd.
  • Josephine Gabriel & Co. Ltd.
  • Springfield Trading Ltd.
  • FLOW Dominica
  • Starrin & Sons Co. Ltd.

Crime Stoppers Dominica Grand Bay Roll Out Sponsors