Public Awareness Campaign Announcement

Crime Stoppers Dominica announced today that it held a public awareness campaign on Saturday July 4th, 2015 to encourage the residents of Portsmouth and environs to ‘Make their Communities a Safer & a Better Place to Live” by tackling crime. Michele Henderson, Spokesperson for Crime Stoppers Dominica opened the event by educating the public on how the Tip Line works.

She emphasized the following important points:
• Persons can either call 1-800-TIPS [8477] to give their information or submit their tip online at
• Calls and online tips are received at a call centre in Canada which operates 24/7. The phones do not have caller ID, and conversations are not recorded thus guaranteeing anonymity and confidentiality. The trained call center operators in Canada are only interested in the information that the caller has, and NOT in the caller’s identity.
• The Call Centre then forwards all tips received to a Police Liaison Officer in Dominica who, in turn, is responsible for relaying the tips to the appropriate sections within the Police Department for their action.
• The Calls are free to both Digicel and LIME subscribers – mobile and fixed lines.
• Crime Stoppers is not the police. In 26 years at over 1,200 Crime Stopper programs across the world, the identify of a caller has never been revealed.
• To date, in Dominica, over 1,000 calls have been made and over 100 valid tips received, leading to more than 15 arrests

Volunteers from Portsmouth were part of the CSD team, and along with Fr. Herman Sharplis and the Mayor of Portsmouth Mr. Titus J Francis, helped to clarify any questions that persons gathered had. Residents of Portsmouth were encouraged by the Crime Stoppers initiative and welcomed its introduction to the island.

Three signs were also erected in the Portsmouth area to help launch the campaign. These can be seen at Borough’s Square, Benjamin Park and the Market Square.
About Crime Stoppers International & Crime Stoppers Dominica

Founded in 1976, Crime Stoppers has more than 1,200 programmes in more than 25 countries. Tips have led to over 800,000 arrests being made with billions of dollars of property and drugs being recovered. The Dominica program received its first tip in May 2013 and since then over 1,000 calls have been received leading to several arrests. In Dominica and worldwide, the identity of a caller has never been known.

Crime Stoppers is a community-based, non-profit organization managed by a civilian board of directors. It is a partnership between the Community, the Media and Law Enforcement. The mandate is to “Work Together to solve and Prevent Crime”.

Citizens who have knoweldge of any crime can call 1-800-TIPS [8477] to give their information or submit their tip online at CRIME STOPPERS IS SAFE AND IT WORKS.