Crime Stoppers Dominica thanks members of the public for coming forward with confidential
crime related information by calling the 1800 8477 toll free number or submitting tips online at This information plays an important role in helping to curb crime in
our community.

We wish to share with you some guidelines for reporting to help speed up the investigation
process for law enforcement:

Information about the suspect:

– Name or nickname, gender, race
– Noticeable distinguishing marks such as tattoos or scars
– Employment information, if employed, and his/her known associates
– Home address, house colour and type of structure

Information about the victim:

– Victim’s name, nickname, gender, race

Information about vehicle (if one is involved):

– Vehicle colour, make and registration particulars

Information about the crime:

– Type and location of offence
– Details of the offence

CSD is currently working with a number of community based organizations for the hosting of
education sessions “Crime and Me – What Can I Do” where we will discuss a number of topics,
step by step process on how Crime Stoppers works and guidelines when reporting crime.

How Crime Stoppers Works

If you have information on any type of criminal activity:

  • Call toll free 1-800-TIPS [8477] and give the operator the information or go online at and click the “Submit Tip” button.  Do not give your name.
  • Your call is answered by a professionally trained attendant at a call center outside of
    Dominica.  The call is free; it is confidential and there is no caller ID.  The information is
    then transmitted to the police who proceeds to take the necessary action.

Remember Crime Stoppers Dominica is not the police. The organisation is a non-profit entity
that provides a confidential crime reporting service that allows a member of the public to report
crime and remain anonymous.